Skull Art Bath Towel
Skull Art Bath Towel
Skull Art Bath Towel
Skull Art Bath Towel
Skull Art Bath Towel

Skull Art Bath Towel


Now Ninnho has genuinely made art for your bathroom! An original painting by Antoinette Ferwerda is the inspiration for the Skull Art Bath Towel, so you can have this gorgeous artwork in your home now too!  The Ninnho Skull Art Bath Towel is silky soft, woven with gold modal and marshmallow cotton and it's subtle Skull motif is stunning.  Ninnho headquarters gives this design the 'wow' factor and you will love it too!

Skull Art Bath Towel is an art series towel inspired by Ferwerda’s original painting titled ‘King’s Jester’, painted and exhibited in 2014 during her solo exhibition in Melbourne.
“Skull design took months to perfect and the textural detail from my mixed media painting is expressed beautifully in this woven design. Subtle and enigmatic, it’s my sentimental favourite artwork to share with you.” AF

 Skull Art Bath Towel - Dimensions 140cm x 70cm


Colours: Gold modal and marshmallow cotton

65% finest quality terry cotton

35% gold modal


Yarn dyed velour terry on one side, yarn dyed looped terry towel on the other side.
Includes looped cotton hook to hang your towel.

Modal is the latest in technology yarn providing a soft, smooth fibre that is 50% more water absorbent than cotton and is resistant to shrinkage.