'ALCHEMY' - art exhibition by Antoinette Ferwerda

'ALCHEMY' - art exhibition by Antoinette Ferwerda

What a beautifully busy weekend of art, inspiration & chilled champagne at the Ministry of Art Gallery in St Kilda! Opening night for my latest 'Alchemy' solo exhibition saw the first painting sale within minutes of opening the front doors.  The celebratory atmosphere was a heady mix of excited chatter and clinking of glasses among the 100 guests.  The buyers were quick to claim their pick of the bunch and the sound of the cymbal clashing for each sale caused the crowd to clap as my adrenaline second solo exhibition was really happening and I could start to relax as the night unfolded...  

What an incredible night and I'm so very grateful to all who attended opening night or dropped by the gallery to see me over the weekend. Good things are to still to come so please stop by this Sat 28 or Sun 29 November, 12 noon until 4 pm to see my new exhibition & say hello!

ALCHEMY by Antoinette Ferwerda - Ministry of Art - 238 St Kilda Road, St Kilda

19 Nov - 6 December, 2015